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Building Automation

Why search all over your Las Vegas office for the light switches or HVAC controls when you can seamlessly integrate all of your building’s sub-systems into convenient, centrally located building automation system? A single, user-friendly wireless or in-wall touch screen controls everything from audio/video, lighting, environmental system, security and more. Pegasus Low Voltage has a wide range of building automation systems that can put you in control at the touch of a button.  Request a Quote








Security Systems

Protect your company’s valuable assets by equipping your Las Vegas property with a state-of-the-art security system. From surveillance cameras that provide a “birds-eye” view on your building exterior, common areas like lobbies and hallways, and even offices; to smoke and fire monitors; to facility access control and burglar alarms that stop the intruders before they gain access, Pegasus Low Voltage is the ultimate source for all your business security needs. All security installations are performed by qualified personnel who are fully trained in both fire and security.  Request a Quote






Communication Systems

An efficient communications system is key to any business. Today’s phone systems offer a wide range of powerful features including multiple lines and extensions, individual voicemail boxes, custom programming, intercom, and much more. Pegasus Low Voltage can help you select the phone system that’s right for your southern Nevada business and provide expert installation and service.  Request a Quote