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Distributed Audio Systems

You don’t stay in one room of your Las Vegas home. Why should your entertainment? Multi-room audio systems enable you to experience quality sound throughout your home. Pegasus Low Voltage can provide you with a distributed audio system that enables you to listen to different music in different rooms at different volumes – all from one, easy to use platform.

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What Is Distributed Audio?

The home audio systems we install are intended for home entertainment use, such as shelf stereos and surround sound receivers. Since surround sound receivers, which are primarily intended to enhance the reproduction of a movie, are the most popular home audio device, the primary field of home audio is home cinema. However, you may be looking for an outdoor solution for your patio, yard, or pool. We design and install hidden speakers, rock speakers, and can run audio wiring that’s virtually unseen.


Why Choose Pegasus LV?

We are dedicated to installing and maintaining quality home audio systems that perform and respond specifically to individual client needs. Our goal is to simplify everyday functions and create ambiance and functionality within your home or business.

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Our experienced team of professionals are here to design and install the home audio system you’ve always dreamed of. Our courteous staff is on time, customer service oriented, and ready to answer your questions. Schedule a time to get a free estimate on your project.